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Bird Watching in the republic of Gambia

Gambia Bird Watching Tour Guide

With over 600 species of birds Gambia is the bird watchers paradise.

Why Gambia is the perfect place for bird watchers. Despite the increase in human population growth over the past few decades and the widespread habitat degradation and loss of biodiversity typical of so many African countries, Senegal and Gambia still hold a remarkable and diverse avifauna which attracts large numbers of birds.

The two countries Sengal and Gambia are often collectively known as Senegambia and they have a combined bird list of over six hundred species. This compromises of birds from Afrotropical residents, migrants and species of Palearctic origin. Over 30 of these bird species are of global conservation concern which ranges from critically endangered to threatened.

Lying immediately south of the Sahara, Senegal and Gambia is particularly important as a stop over and wintering place for migrant birds after their crossing of the desert. The many coastal and inland wetlands attract large numbers of Palearctic and inter African water birds whilst the dry and seemingly poor but actually complex Sahel ecosystem provides food and shelter for a multitude of Palearctic passerine birds throughout the northern winter months coinciding with the regions dry seasons off shore. Seabird passage can be very impressive throughout Gambia.

Places where you can go Birdwatching in Gambia

Farasutu Forest
This is a community forest sited at the eastern part of The Gambia and is 35km away from the hotel area. This is a gallery forest and behind the forest are mangroves with fresh water pools and farm
lands outside the forest. In Farasutu Forest species expected to be seen are: African wood Owl, Greyish eagle owl, Sported Honey guide, Lesser Honey guide, White backed night heron, long tailed nightjar, Standard winged nightjar and many more.

Brufurt Woods
Protected by WASBA with the collaboration of the Brufurt community. This place is a favourite with birdwatchers. It is a quiet and open area of woodland it is easy to observe birds. Expected species to be seen are: Green Turaco, Splendid sunbird, Yellow White eye, White Faced Scops Owl, Long Tailed nightjar, Verreaux Eagle Owl, and many more.

Kotu Bridge and Surrounding Cycle track
This is another birding site which is located in Kotu . It has lots of beautiful birds along its length and has provided many birdwatchers with new species for their life list of species. Expected species to be seen are: Beautiful Sunbird, Pearl Spotted Owlet, Greater Painted Stripe, Sacred Ibis, Common Sandpiper, Black Winged Stilt and many more.

Fajara Golf Course
This is a very good birding spot. There is a range of habitats from open area to central scrubs and a few patches of woodland. The course lies alongside the Kotu stream which passes beneath the road at Kotu Bridge before it empties into the sea. Kotu Streams is one of the first places where bird watchers normally visit in The Gambia. The birds expected to be seen here are: Doubled Spurred Falcon, Black Headed Plover, Fork Tailed Drongo, Violet Turaco and many more.

Kotu Pond
Kotu Pond is an open sewage pit an unlikely place to see birds but the surrounding open woodland can be reached along a sandy track and the birds that can be seen at the ponds are amazing. You can view the birds at close distance. The species that can be seen here are: Giant King Fisher, Blue Breasted Kingfisher, Malachite Kingfisher, Yellow wagtail, Black Egret, Western Reef Heron, Blue Belled Roller. Pearl Sported Owlet, African Spoonbill, Black Crake, African Jacana and many more.

Lamin Lodge
This is a place that you can stay and get a close view of the birds. You can take a boat ride to explore the mangroves that make up the Tambi Wetlands. Here there is also an Oyster factory. Some of the species of birds you can see here are: Osprey Eagle, Caspian Tern, Grey Headed Gull, Pink Backed
Pelican and many more.

Makasutu Culture Forest
This Forest is a 1000 hectare reserve and one of the finest eco-tourism areas in The Gambia. It lies near the town of Birkama. It is to be found on the banks of the tranquil Mandina Bolong. Bolong is the Mandinka name for river. The whole area contains different ecosystems and habitats so it is home to many species of birds and butterflies as well as monkeys, Baboons, Monitor Lizards and Nile Crocodiles. The word Makasutu means Holy Forest.


Half Day Birdwatching trip  will  cost £60

Full Day Birdwatching trip will cost £90

An overnight Birdwatching trip to Tendaba which includes food, the night stay and a boat trip will cost  £200 

Non Birdwatching trips such as See All 7 sights in 1 day tour of the coast of Gambia , including the Monkey park, Crocodile pool. Tanji fishing village, Paradise Beach and Brikama Craft market will cost £80 per person.

Trip to Fathtala Wildlife Park in Senegal to see Zebra, Giraffe, Antelope, Rhino and Buffalo will cost £150 per person.

email me to book any of these trips on the email address below or whatsapp me. Suwaibou Gassama (Pablo)



Bird Watching in Kotu Gambia

About Pablo

My name is Suwaibou Gassama but you can call me Pablo I am an official Birdwatching guide. I trained with the Gambian Birdwatchers association. I trained in the Farasutu Forest where I was a ranger for 5 years.
I am able to speak several different languages. I speak very good English. I also speak some Dutch and different local languages.

Bird Watching Tanji Nature Reserve

Bird Watching Tours

Tanji Nature Reserve Tour
This is a bird reserve in The Gambia. It is also known as Karinti the Tanji River Reserve or the Tanji National Park.

It was established in 1993 together with Bijol island it is situated along the Atlantic coast. It has accommodation if you want to stay there. It is a great place to go bird watching.

Gambian Kingfisher

Bird Watching Guide

I am able to take you to different places to see the many different birds that we have here in Gambia.
I have been bird watching since my childhood and have been doing birding  tours for over 8 years now.
I am based in the Kotu area.
Please contact me to discuss tours and prices.
Contact details are +220 750 1429 I am on WhatsApp, messenger or call.

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Contact Pablo – Bird Guide

For bird watching tours please contact Pablo.

WhatsApp, call or message me on +220 750 1429 or email

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