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Lamin Lodge is a common lodge in Gambia in a place called Lamin. Lamin is on the banks of the River 
Gambia. There is an Oyster Farm where a guide will tell you all about the farm. The women collect
the Oysters from the Mangroves which are all along the sides of the river. There are some impressive Baobab Trees. These Trees grow in 32 African countries. They can reach up to 30 metres high and have an enormous circumference. They provide shelter; food in the form of the fruit which is a large brown/green fruit which has lots of black pips in. The fruit is often put in drinks and is good for your health. It is very rich in vitamin C and Calcium Magnesium and Potassium. The trees provide water for animals and humans. The Baobab Trees at Lamin are also known as Elephant trees as if you look at some of the branches high up you can see the form of an elephants head and trunk.

The trunk of the trees can also look like the legs of an elephant. At Lamin Lodge you can get a boat ride along the river which takes you along the mangroves where you can see the oysters. The boat trip
takes you to a place that has a very special Baobab tree which has a 2 sided elephants head on one of the branches. It also is hollow and you can get  inside the tree which is a great experience.

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