SOS Children’s Village

SOS Childrens Village


SOS Children’s Villages Trip

SOS Children’s Villages
This is approx. 18 km from Banjul in Bakoteh. It is a place that’s supports children. SOS provides day-care, education, and medical services. It is a vocational training centre. Their aim is to support existing family ties and help help children who are risk of losing parental care to grow up in a family of their own.

Lazy Day

Lazy Day River Trip


Lazy Day Trip

Lazy Day Tour
This is a day trip to on the River. We travel to Banjul to Denton bridge where we get on a boat and go on the river. From the boat you can swim in the river or you can do some fishing. On board the boat you can bring your ingredients on board and cook on the charcoal fire. This is a very relaxing day on the river.
1 day trip.

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